This review is for the prospective buyer who buys new sports cars and is venturing into a classic car purchase. I had been on the hunt for a classic Corvette for years. As a lawyer, I’m a natural skeptic. The classic market is a minefield of dealers with mixed reviews who will typically tell you what you want to hear about cars so old they are extremely hard to research. I spoke to many who I could tell were making it up as they went along. Verrillo kept coming up in my searches as a dealership that had been around a long time, were straight shooters, and had a reputation for dealing in high end cars. Nowhere is it more true than in the classic market ‘you get what you pay for”. Joe Verrillo was very patient with me with zero pressure to but the car. He had restored the car in such a way that he wasn’t worried about finding a buyer. The car showed up better than it looked on their site. To his credit, Joe continues to communicate, answering my novice questions. I buy lots of cars (an illness) and there are few dealers I’d give 5 stars but VMCC has earned it.