I’d been shopping around the US for a C3 to C5 generation Vette, really wanted one in a convertible. There sure were plenty of options starting with older C3s, then jumping forward to C4s and 5s. I’d talked with private owners and specialty dealers from the Carolinas to Arizona. I wasn’t really interested in northern cars for the obvious reasons. Then I stumbled across a very low mileage, seasonal and garaged, triple black ‘99 C5 convertible at Verrillo. On a whim I stopped by after work to poke around. The magic began. The team welcomed me into an experience at a whole new level. I felt the kind of excitement I’d felt when out shopping for my first car 38 years ago. Verrillo is truly a candy store for the automobile enthusiast. Sales, restorations and services are clearly 5 Star. Their team is a family that cares about customers and focuses on all the details. I’ve owned plenty of muscle, sport and Euro cars, but never a Vette. With no pressure and nothing but the best interaction with the staff I walked away the following week with my first Vette! This was the beginning of a whole new following for me and I truly look forward to the years of a close partnership with the Verrillo team. Whether your shopping or not a stop by Verrillo Motor Car Company is a fantastic experience you’ll never forget!